Month: May 2022

  • What’s the Deal With Audio Storytelling?

    Audio has always been an important element in communication. Being able to hear the news whether on TV or radio is usually an important part of people’s days. Nowadays, listening to the radio is viewed as old fashioned, yet radio broadcasts still happen to this day. As for the storytelling part, I was not aware […]

  • Week 2 Summary

    And boy, what a week it was. I learned more about what exactly design means in terms of visual mediums. I worked hard – maybe too hard – to complete all the assignments including watching and reading up on design and using the provided resources to create a “design blitz” and share my thoughts on […]

  • Reflecting on Graphic Designer Vignelli

    If one were to think of design, what kinds of images pop into your mind? For me, I think of electronic devices. Every single one has to have been designed by someone for a specific purpose, such as switches, buttons, televisions and remotes, and more. In this post however, I will be talking more about […]

  • Index Card Flip Book?


    I was walking down my normal path to class when I noticed a strange floating block. This suspended cube had a question mark on each side of it. Using my knowledge of video games, I instinctively walked below it and jumped. As my head came into contact with the cube, it squished slightly like a […]

  • Always Losing My Glasses


    Don’t you hate it when you can’t find the thing you are looking for? Now imagine you have bad eyesight and have lost the only thing you can use to see. Like Velma from Scooby-Doo, this happens to me far more often than I would like. Unlike Velma, at least I don’t have monsters and […]

  • Get Motivated with this Poster


    Moods are often associated with different types of weather, such as sunny to happy or rainy to sad. When clouds cover the whole sky it brings down people’s moods. Cloudy days can really dampen the mood, but remember to stay positive even on the most dreary of days. If we can keep our spirits up, […]

  • Superhero Comparisons


    Being a hero is difficult, a superhero even more so. First, and worst, is that becoming a superhero often involves radiation, or poison, or some other traumatic event that drastically changes who you are. Before becoming a superhero, Captain Marvel was a pilot named Carol Danvers who was blasted with intense energy which gave her […]

  • A Story in Four Icons


    These icons were chosen to represent one of my favorite movies. Imagine being a ruler subjected to an attempted murder by a scientist. You survive the overthrow attempt, but are hopelessly lost and down on your luck. On your way back you discover the power of friendship and its value. I will not say the […]

  • Teal Deal: Reimagined


    Teal is a great color; it is neither green nor blue but rather a little bit of both. It is a color that makes me feel happy. When I created my online identity, I started with the color teal, and found the best word that rhymed with it. Things like seal or meal certainly did […]