A Bird’s Short Story

The majestic hawk flies through the skies, scanning the water’s surface for his next meal. Spotting movement below, the predator nose dives towards the source of the ripples. As soon as the hawk is close, he readies his talons. In one swift movement, the hawk snatches up his prey. Contented with his fresh fishy meal, the hawk begins to head home. Suddenly the fish croaks. That’s not a fish at all! Startled, the hawk drops the frog and it plummets and plops back to where it belongs. The hawk supposed it was time to get his eyes checked.

I had fun with this assignment, but it was initially hard for me to come up with a story. I originally liked the idea of using wind sounds to imitate something flying or water/splashing sounds. I also knew I wanted to make this somewhat comedic. Eventually I landed on the idea of a bird snatching up something by mistake. I think it turned out pretty well.

Step 1: Find sounds on freesound.org.
Step 2: Import sounds to Audacity.
Step 3: Fiddle and edit sounds to create a silly story. For this assignment, I used mostly “Change speed” and “Amplify”. I also adjusted sound placement and volume/gain.
Step 4: Export as MP3 and upload to SoundCloud.

Assignment this silly story was based on: Sound Effects Story (3 stars)

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