A Story in Four Icons

These icons were chosen to represent one of my favorite movies. Imagine being a ruler subjected to an attempted murder by a scientist. You survive the overthrow attempt, but are hopelessly lost and down on your luck. On your way back you discover the power of friendship and its value. I will not say the name of the movie and see if you can guess what movie this is based on.

I saw that this assignment was one of the most popular ds106 assignments, and I enjoyed it as well. I struggled slightly trying to sum up plots with only four simple images, but after playing around with ideas, I found it to be very fun to do.

I first brainstormed which movie or story to represent, then I chose four icons from The Noun Project’s site. I placed the icons on PowerPoint, then made them all equal in size and put them in order. Then I saved off the images as a photo and uploaded them here. I found that the text size relative to the icon size was unequal, but I could not figure out how to fix that. Maybe I should have put text on top of it to help one see what it said.

This post is based on this assignment: One Story/ Four Icons (2 stars)

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  1. The Emperor’s New Groove is also one of my favorite movies! Your description didn’t give much away, but it’s a movie that I’m incredibly fond of, and not too many others have both evil scientists AND llamas. I think what you did was very creative, and I think all of your Icons have a similar feel to them, being just black line work, which I also like!

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