Bunny in the Bog

Bunny in Bog

Super Adventure Dog

Bunny the Pomeranian set out for an adventure. Freedom felt great, as she pranced along in any direction she desired. Soon, however, she found herself in new and very unfamiliar surroundings. Gone was the house and neatly trimmed grass of the yard. Here she was deep inside a boggy forest.

Hot and tired, she laid down and tried to blend into the surroundings, but she was an all-white dog in a dark green bog! Much to her surprise, she found that with all her cotton-like fluff (and maybe a little chubbiness), she was able to float in the water!

The water was cool and relaxing, and she drifted off to sleep. When she awoke (was it hours or days later?) she was curled up in her favorite bed, safe at home.

I used GIMP to make this photo a reality. It took me a couple tries and a few tutorial videos, like this one, to figure out how to make this. I struggled with the freehand selection of bunny and removing the background, but I eventually got it to look okay. Also, the link for the background is here.

Step 1: Find a picture with a subject you want to use and open GIMP.
Step 2: In GIMP, use freehand selection to outline the subject, but make sure to outline slightly within the subject’s perimeter and adjust the feathering to whatever number you feel is best to keep the outer edges of the fur in this case.
Step 3: Now delete the background around your selected subject.
Step 4: Find an image on the internet to use as a background. Save and open the image as a new layer in GIMP.
Step 5: Make sure the subject layer is in front of the new background layer. Color correct and edit as you see fit. In this case I used the brush tool, picked a color with the dropper tool, lowered the opacity, then brushed some shading onto my subject.
Step 6: Save image and upload!

This post is based on this assignment: Are We There Yet? (3 stars)

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  1. Bunny is very cute! I am also surprised by her ability to float in the bog. I think you did a great job of incorporating a story into the visual you created.

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