Design Blitz Extraordinaire

I undertook a design blitz, with which I looked outside and inside for images that demonstrated different design concepts. As you will see below are four photos I selected, each of which represent a design concept.

Design Blitz Picture

This photo above is a Siberian Iris that was blooming in my front yard. The colors of the petals of this flower and the stamen are of opposite colors on the color wheel, which provides a visible contrast which is appealing to the eye and to potential pollinators. Flowers tend to come is all kinds of colors, and since we humans evolved to be able to see a wide range of colors, we can appreciate the beauty of nature and how colors either blend together or contrast each other. I like how bold the colors are in this photograph and how it gives off the feeling of joy.

Design Blitz Picture

The photo above is also one I took of a nearby tree partially covered in ivy. I particularly liked how the photo demonstrates the concept of rhythm. The flowing, drooping pattern of the ivy leaves and the repetitive, linear pattern of the bark show a contrast between the soft and the rough textures. I chose this photo specifically because of the contrast, but also because of the patterns you often see in nature.

Design Blitz Picture

Above in the photo, I found an interesting greeting card in Target, which I selected for the typography design feature. While I was shopping there, I saw all sorts of creative uses of typography. I chose this one because I felt that the font of the words used gives a feeling of serenity alongside the backdrop using muted colors and low contrast. The font has a smooth flow between the letters and has no harsh points or edges, which is what provides that sense of calmness.

Design Blitz Picture

I was impressed by the Blu-ray movie rack in this last photo I took in Target. Each of the simplified movie covers make use of symbols to draw one’s attention and to quickly convey the tone and subject of the movie. The symbols shown here do a great job representing each movie in its entirety. Interestingly, the symbol with the color of the background together helps one determine at a glance the kind of movie that it represents. For example, the Wizard of Oz movie cover uses a bright yellow background and a whimsical snow globe symbol to tell the viewer that the movie inside is happy and feel-good movie. In contrast, the Shining cover uses a red backdrop, an axe stuck on a wood texture, and one of the movie’s famous phrases to represent the use of horror depicted in the movie.

I walked through gardens and supermarkets all the time, but during this assignment I started looking at things based on design elements. It was interesting to see the creativity that went into the products in the store, and I also enjoyed capturing photographs of nature that reflect design concepts. It gave me a new appreciation for how one sees the world and the way it is structured or designed.

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