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Motivational Overcast Poster

Moods are often associated with different types of weather, such as sunny to happy or rainy to sad. When clouds cover the whole sky it brings down people’s moods. Cloudy days can really dampen the mood, but remember to stay positive even on the most dreary of days. If we can keep our spirits up, we can do more than survive. We can thrive, even in gloomy times.

I was motivated to motivate others using this motivation poster using this photo I took for consideration in another assignment. I felt a little silly coming up with cheesy motivational quotes and picking simple images for it. But after completing this assignment, I think it turned out pretty well and I’m relatively happy with what I came up with.

The tool I used was a phone app I was introduced to by a friend called Word Swag. Word Swag is a free design based app that allows you use a picture, select a frame for the picture, and modify text on top of the picture however you want. There are many fonts and frame types to choose from, and you can change the colors. I kept it simple with a black frame and white text.

This post is based on this assignment: Motivational Poster (2 stars)

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