Get Ready For The Funk

Back in high school I played in the band as a percussionist. I also took a jazz class. I’ve always really enjoyed rhythmic structure and playing the drums. So it’s safe to say I like funky beats and music in general. I was inspired by both the Sick Beat and 3’s A Band Assignments, but I feel like this audio clip falls more under the 3’s A Band assignment. The instruments used for the clip were piano, saxophone, and drums.

I enjoyed finding sounds and little music clips on freesound.org and putting them together to make something cool to listen to. I think this clip turned out pretty well, though I worry it’s a little simple. But then again, it’s only 3 instruments! I hope you enjoy listening.

Step 1: Find funky music sounds on freesound.org.
Step 2: import sounds to Audacity.
Step 3: Fiddle and edit with the sound clips. For this assignment, I adjusted the pitch to harmonize the other instruments. I was lucky to find three instrument tracks all on 90bpm, otherwise I would have had to adjust tempo. I also had to copy paste some segments to make sure it was about 30 seconds. Finally, I added fade outs at the ends.
Step 4: export as MP3 and upload to SoundCloud.

As a reminder, here are my inspirations. It probably only counts as one or the other, but they both are 3 stars in rating.
Sick Beat (3 stars)
3’s a band (3 stars)

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  1. Honestly a solid track considering it’s just free samples. I would have liked to hear something longer, but I guess you gotta work with what you have.

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