Index Card Flip Book?

I was walking down my normal path to class when I noticed a strange floating block. This suspended cube had a question mark on each side of it. Using my knowledge of video games, I instinctively walked below it and jumped. As my head came into contact with the cube, it squished slightly like a soft rubber material, thankfully. No concussions today. Though once the block was hit, it changed color and the question mark turned into an exclamation mark! I then also noticed, that the block dispensed a large circular object which I discovered to be a chocolate chip cookie. Needless to say, my day had suddenly gotten much better.

I was intrigued by the idea of making a sort of flip book-esque gif. Unfortunately, as you can see, I am not very good at drawing. Still, this was a fun and fairly simple assignment that I enjoyed.

To make this gif, I first had to draw on sticky notes. I didn’t have any, so I used index cards instead. On 15 different cards, I drew the same image with slight differences on each in order to mimic movement and change when put all together. I took a picture of each card, then transferred the images to my computer, and then to GIMP. I had to crop my images, so I used PowerPoint since I didn’t feel comfortable with GIMP’s tools yet. Once cropped, each image was opened in GIMP as individual layers and placed in order. I then hovered over “Filter” then “Animation” and clicked “Playback” to see how the gif would look. After that, I exported it to my files as a gif file.

This post is based on this assignment: Sticky Note Animation
Gif tutorial also linked here.

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