Not Now Dad!

Based off another popular meme that you may recognize. I was inspired by the link my professor provided as examples for this assignment: 5 second films. I knew I wanted to make something funny, and potentially spoof horror, and eventually after a lot of thought I decided to parody that popular meme. My sister was particularly excited about this assignment, and was willing to get costumes or act, or put ketchup on her clothes! This was a fun assignment that I enjoyed doing.

Making this video was pretty easy, but editing the video with Movie Maker was pretty difficult. I couldn’t fine-tune the things I wanted with only the free version of this software. I also had to use Audacity to edit the video’s sound (mainly to add background music and reduce the noise of my video clips) since Movie Maker didn’t seem to have good sound editing. Also, the videos I took were just barely shy of 5 full seconds, so I added a snapshot photo in the middle to add a pause. I couldn’t figure out how to do it another way, and I only wanted to had about half a second of pause; unfortunately, Movie Maker only allows 1 second minimum. I feel like this gives the video a more awkward pause than necessary. Ultimately I’m alright with how this turned out, I just wish it would’ve been more easy to edit with this software, or maybe I need to try another software.

The assignment was based on 5 Second Film video assignment (4 stars).

Step 1: Film your video. Take multiple takes and make sure the clips come out how you want them.
Step 2: Get the videos on your computer and upload your clips to Movie Maker.
Step 3: Place and edit clips as you like. Trim excess, and make sure video is 5 seconds (without title or credits).
Step 4: Add title, credits, “the end”s, etc. Click “Add clip” and then select “title” or “credits” as you like. Fill in the text, choose font, and choose an animation for them if you want.
Step 5: Leave the project for a minute to get to the project page of Movie Maker. On the right, select the tile that says “extract audio”. When it gives you the “choose a document” window, pick your video clip(s) (only one at a time). Then save the resulting audio file.
Step 6: Upload audio file onto Audacity. Add silences and copy-paste clips to make it match with the timing of your full video on Movie Maker.
Step 7: In effects, choose “noise reduction” when on selected background sounds/humming, then select “get noise profile”. Then select the whole clip and go to the effect again, this time hit “ok” at the bottom. (repeat as necessary)
Step 8: Add background music. Choose something from Freesounds.org, or make your own and add it in your audio. (See source below). Make sure you turn down the gain (volume) or use the effect “amplify” to reduce the sound so it doesn’t drown out your voices.
Step 9: Save the audio clip, then add it onto Movie Maker. On your project, select “edit soundtrack” at the bottom, then click “insert music” and find your audio file and choose it. Play the clip to check that it syncs up with your video.
Step 10: Now turn off the volume of your video clip(s), not your soundtrack, (if you haven’t already) and save your video! Make sure to preview it all first to make sure it is to your liking.
And that’s it!

Audio source for background sound:

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  1. I definitely recognize the meme that this is coming from. You did a great job of detailing all of the steps.

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