Photo Safari – Gamestop Edition

I completed my fifteen minute photo blitz at my local GameStop store! I looked at the list of photographs that I needed to take and selected a store where I thought it was small enough to navigate within the short time limit, but would have a great variety of shapes, colors, and images to photograph.

I first canvassed the store to plan out some of the photographs to take. Then I took a picture of my watch: 2:37 p.m. I took photos, sometimes displacing a few items while I assured the staff there that I would put things back. I tried to take photos from different angles and get as many of the photograph types as I could inside the store – even capturing the staff’s cool shoes and socks. I finished up taking photos outside (for example, bright light and interesting shadows). When the 15 minutes was up, I took another photo of my watch. I didn’t get every type of photo, but I really enjoyed the process and the resulting gallery of photos as shown above.

My favorite photo of the blitz was one of the last ones taken – an interesting perspective of a stepped retaining wall outside of the store. I also liked the photos that showed patterns and that were taken at angles or through “frames.” My most inventive photo was probably the one taken of a video game wall seen through a crate used to hold t-shirts.

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