Spooky Mansion is Spooky

His friends had dared him to check out the supposed haunted mansion at the end of Grover Street. Teddy gulped nervously, gripping his coat, before approaching the abandoned site. There was thunder, but thankfully the rain wasn’t upon him yet. At the entrance, he hesitantly pushed the old wooden door open. It creaked loudly as it slowly swung forward. He apprehensively entered, scanning his surroundings. The entryway was large but everything was dilapidated from years of neglect. After only a few moments, he heard a piano playing in another room. Teddy froze on the spot. Suddenly the music stopped with a loud crash on the keys. Teddy’s backpack fell off him has he leapt out of his skin. Then he heard a woman’s giggle, and that’s when Teddy found immediate resolve to flee. He ran out of the mansion, slammed the door, and never played truth or dare again.

I had fun looking up and choosing various spooky sounds from freesound.org. I came up with the story as I found the sounds, improvising and sorting my ideas. I used a tutorial to get the grasp of Audacity, and I think the audio clip turned out really well.

Step 1: Download sounds from freesound.org.
Step 2: Import sounds to Audacity.
Step 3: Fiddle and edit with the sounds using the various tools. For my assignment here, I primarily used the effects “Change pitch”, “Change tempo” or “Change speed”, and “Amplify”. Also I moved the sound slips around by clicking and dragging the top bars, and I adjusted the “gain” on some clips to level the volume of the clip.
Step 4: Export as MP3 and upload on SoundCloud.

Assignment this spooky story was based on: Spooky Season (4 stars)

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