Super Mood Maker 2

It’s Super Do it Yourself The Video Game 2. An edit on the cover of the game Super Mario Maker 2. Posted there is a satirical message about how the developers leave creating their game to the players.

Super Mario Maker 2 is the second game in the Super Mario Maker game series. Basically these games are about the player making their own Mario based stages and posting them online for other players to play through. In that way, the Super Mario Maker series is a creative outlet for people who are fans of the Mario series. Players of the games have the ability to place all sorts of hazards, gimmicks, enemies, and even the ground itself in any way they want. These games inspired me to poke fun at the creators for not making a game of their own and instead letting their fans be part of the creative process for making a Mario game.

If you really don’t know how I was able to make this, I have two words for you: text tool. I took this image into Photoshop, overlaid the text on the logo for the game, made sure to give it a background to match, and then wrote what you see here. This took less than 10 minutes for me to put together, so feel free to edit a game cover of your own within reason.

Assignment this covers: Honest Game Covers (2 stars)

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