Superhero Comparisons

Being a hero is difficult, a superhero even more so. First, and worst, is that becoming a superhero often involves radiation, or poison, or some other traumatic event that drastically changes who you are. Before becoming a superhero, Captain Marvel was a pilot named Carol Danvers who was blasted with intense energy which gave her powerful abilities. Spider-Man was a teenage boy who was bitten by a radioactive spider. Iron Man was a wealthy arms manufacturer who was held hostage and forced to make weapons for terrorists. Superman crash landed on Earth after his world was destroyed. These heroes do have some things in common with each other.

The assignment here was to design a Venn diagram in which popular persons or characters have differences and things in common. My Venn diagram above was made to show how Captain Marvel shares attributes with other superheroes.

I created the Venn diagram by using PowerPoint. I put in three circles of the same size, changed their colors and opacity to about 60% each so that you would see the overlap. Then I just inserted text on top in the specific spots. Then I selected all the elements and saved my diagram as a photo to upload on here.

This post is based on this assignment: Venn Pop Culture (3 stars)

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