Teal Deal: Reimagined

Teal is a great color; it is neither green nor blue but rather a little bit of both. It is a color that makes me feel happy. When I created my online identity, I started with the color teal, and found the best word that rhymed with it. Things like seal or meal certainly did not fit the image I wanted to create!

The new logo I made here was an assignment I accepted because it sounded like a great way to put my creativity to use. I looked through other logos, both on Logo Maker, and on google as a whole. I liked the idea of incorporating the initials into abstract art. I combined angular shapes with curves for a blend of design styles. I really like what I ended up with here, and am proud to post this on my main page.

I used PowerPoint for the logo. I inserted a rectangle shape and edited the points to create a funky T. Then I inserted a half circle, edited the points to make what will eventually become the D. I rotated the half circle to be parallel with the T. I edited the fill color for each shape to be the same shade of teal. I created two more shapes: a triangle and a wavy banner, and filled both with a lighter shade of teal. I placed the triangle on top of the semicircle/D shape and the wavy banner in the background. I put in text and changed the font to “free-style script” and wrote the name Teal Deal. After I was happy with the position of all the elements, I selected all the elements and copied them into a picture.

The post is based on this assignment: Website Logo (4 stars)

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