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  • LAST Reflections and Tutorials


    I created the concept of LAST, which is a video game made by a fictional game company Apocalyptechs. I started by first imagining a world that suffers from an apocalyptic event, which forces humans to have to launch themselves into space. Except, one person was left behind. This person is the hero of our story, […]

  • Reading, but for Movies?

    The Ebert “How to Read a Movie” article was so packed with information, I had to re-read it several times to understand it. Honestly I feel like a lot of the film techniques went over my head, but I tried to understand exactly how reading a movie is important to appreciating how it was made. […]

  • Die Hard Analysis

    Die Hard is one of my favorite movies. It is an old 1988 movie, but it is still a great action thriller to watch to this day. I watched the PC Bomb Elevator scene from that movie to analyze the different filmmaking techniques used, such as the visuals and sounds. I based my observations of […]

  • Tune Up That Radio

    I listened to recordings of a radio talk show and select episodes of a podcast to understand the concepts behind audio storytelling. The linked excerpt from an episode of the TED Radio Hour was interesting in how it used background music and dialog to indicate at first how soothing a robotic baby seal helped comfort elderly in […]

  • Tragic Moon Crash Story

    Moon Graffiti is an entertaining audio story about what would have happened if the crew from Apollo 11 crash landed on the moon and could not return home. It was told in the perspective of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrich. The story also incorporated the narration of the actual “bad news” speech that was pre-prepared […]

  • What’s the Deal With Audio Storytelling?

    Audio has always been an important element in communication. Being able to hear the news whether on TV or radio is usually an important part of people’s days. Nowadays, listening to the radio is viewed as old fashioned, yet radio broadcasts still happen to this day. As for the storytelling part, I was not aware […]

  • Reflecting on Graphic Designer Vignelli

    If one were to think of design, what kinds of images pop into your mind? For me, I think of electronic devices. Every single one has to have been designed by someone for a specific purpose, such as switches, buttons, televisions and remotes, and more. In this post however, I will be talking more about […]

  • To Be a Better Photographer

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    The tips in the eBook 20 WAYS TO MAKE BETTER PHOTOGRAPHS by David duChemin made me think about how to create better photos. I had fun trying out several of the suggestions, but my favorite photo (shown above) followed the tip to “Change My Perspective By Changing Yours.” Using this tip, I took pictures from […]

  • Teal Tale #1

    Just above is a quick overview of who I am essentially. Go ahead and listen to my ramblings. A lot of computer science majors I know are also video gamers, and I am not excluded from that list. My favorite video gaming platform are generally Nintendo consoles, but I also have other gaming systems. I […]

  • Gotta be told…

    I had to learn a lot in order to get here. It was pretty stressful for me, but hopefully it goes up from here.