The Story of “Last”

Exciting news from Apocalyptechs at the 43rd RPGCon: a new action filled role-playing game will be released on all major gaming platforms in time for the winter holidays! This game follows the success of Apocalyptechs’ previous explosive hits. Read more about the game below!

A-(as a triangle sign with radioactive symbol)-pocalyptechs
Game Developer Logo

In the not-too-distant future, calamity has fallen upon the Earth. A deadly combination of climate changes, pollution, overpopulation, and war has left the planet inhabitable. Scientists hurried to create a network of cities in space where humans could thrive while the Earth healed with the help of innovative technology. The humans left the Earth – all except one.

Front Page Headline

A young man wakes up in an unfamiliar place – a hospital? Machines are beeping and what looks like robots are buzzing about. Where is he? Who is he? And very importantly, where is everyone else?

Abandoned and forgotten, our hero is the last human on Earth. After machines triggered a spectacular nuclear catastrophe, the very robots that were designed to restore the environment gained sentience and decided to thwart the humans’ plans to return to repopulate the Earth. The young man must now set out on a grand adventure to discover what happened, learn to survive, and rediscover himself. It is up to him to save himself and maybe the Earth and humankind while he’s at it!

Billboard/promotional image for Last

Listen here for an audio clip of an epic game battle between our hero and a vicious robot:

For the fun of it: a variation on the LAST poster. This time, in a much sillier light!

Silly Poster for Last

Finally yet another fan creation of the premise of LAST, featuring icons that represent the game.

4 Icon Story

For more on how the game company’s logo and the LAST promotional material was created, see my tutorial and reflection post. Sources and links also included there!

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