Week 2 Summary

And boy, what a week it was.

I learned more about what exactly design means in terms of visual mediums. I worked hard – maybe too hard – to complete all the assignments including watching and reading up on design and using the provided resources to create a “design blitz” and share my thoughts on the Vignelli’s designs and works. I completed 14 stars worth in five design assignments, two GIF assignments which I have listed below:

Bunny in Bog (3 stars)
Site Logo (4 stars)
Four Icon Story (2 stars)
Motivational Poster (2 stars)
Superhero Venn Diagram (3 stars)

Flipbook GIF
Relatable GIF

Lastly, I completed two daily creates and commented on my peers’ blogs.

Emily Pierce Crosby’s site
Brittany’s site: Daily Life of Me
Tara’s site: Multidimensional Storytelling

Creating gifs was totally new to me, and I found the process that I used to be tedious. I really enjoyed learning how to use GIMP and editing images, but I have a lot more to learn about GIMP, since I have never used it before. Good design is really important to gain attention, provide information, and generally to make something beautiful. I am very happy with what I created and I hope that I can use what I’ve learned so far and the resources provided to improve my design making prowess going forward.

Having only a week to delve into these assignments was challenging and I feel there is so much more to understand about applying design elements. Vignelli stated that everyone can design. However, I worry that we can also create some really bad designs if we do not apply some of the guidance from experts.

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