Week 4 Summary

Creating and editing videos was painstaking work. I had a lot of trouble working with both Movie Maker and the preinstalled video editor on my computer to make good videos. With just the free version of Movie Maker, I found that it was pretty limiting on what I could accomplish with it. Same goes for the video editor software on my computer, but in different ways. However, I learned a lot about how to make a good video both from the readings I did as well as doing the assignments.

I really enjoyed “reading” a movie clip from the movie Die Hard. In my analysis, I found it interesting how the camera shots, editing, sounds, and acting all come together to make an enticing action scene. When it comes to reading movies, I put my thoughts about the readings and video watching I did to understand the film techniques used in my post on reading movies. I feel that analyzing movies is not a process I am too familiar with, but I also tried my best to interpret what I saw and read in my thoughts.

I completed two assignments worth 8 stars total: Stop motion (4 stars) and 5 second video (4 stars).

For the stop motion assignment, I used some of my Mario Lego figurines and a bit of creativity to create a funny and unique story in my opinion. The process for taking all the photos necessary for that was difficult and exacting.

As for the 5 second video, I had a silly idea that I wanted to recreate, and my sister helped me make that happen. I honestly was not sure how it would turn out at first, but I am happy with the result.

In addition, I did two daily creates this week as well: links to those here.

I made comments on 4 of my peers’ blogs. I enjoyed seeing the creativity of the others and it was interested to see what assignments they selected and how they accomplished them.

Dylan Wilson’s Blog:

Harshith Ravuri’s Blog:

Lauren Albert’s Blog:

Evan Guard’s Blog:

I appreciate all the comments I got from others as well. These comments are the most recent and pertain to my Die Hard Analysis:

I appreciate all the feedback I receive on my work and it makes me feel like I’m doing something right. It’s been fun learning how to use all this software to create different types of media content, and having others enjoy it at least somewhat.

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