Week 5 Final Project Summary

So my time in ds106 has come to an end. On the first day of this 5 week course when I reviewed the syllabus, I was daunted by how much work and creativity would be required. As a computer science major, I wasn’t sure I had the creativity and imagination needed for the class assignments. I found that brainstorming ideas with my family really helped me create digital stories. If I were to offer any advise for anyone taking this course, it would be to get familiar with ds106 before you get started, and be prepared to commit you time and energy into all of your projects. Another thing to note is when you take this class, it is a very fast paced and short course, though it might partially be that way because I took the summer course.

I found the format of class unusual. Compared to a typical classroom lecture format, this was far removed from that. The class is both based on individual creations and within a developed community on the internet. I learned first from reading, watching, and listening to all sorts of examples and tutorials, then I taught myself by getting my hands on the software and technology to create those stories.

Design is critical in creating a piece of imagery to create meaning and feeling. When you create images, you need to consider design elements such as color or balance to convey the story you intend. Design applies also to audio and video elements as well. Audio in particular is a separate but equally important medium for telling stories. I find that audio storytelling can be very powerful, and a lot of the emotion is conveyed by the sounds. Videos are a unique medium that only works when combined with all of the visual, design, and audio principles. Putting it all together requires blending each element into a cohesive story.

The project I was excited by the most was the final project I made which is linked below. I created the concept of a video game. To further describe the video game, I used what I learned to design posters and a newspaper, create a sound story, and finally a video game trailer to weave the story together. I am still amazed at how well things turned out.

While I learned a lot from completing the ds106 assignments and the final project, I believe it would take years, if not decades, to be an expert in using the various tools and to create excellent designs and digital stories. If I were to do this again, I would manage my time better, such as preparing for the next week before it started. All in all, this was a very fun experience, though I am glad I can take a break now.

My final project is posted here.
My reflections and tutorials for the final project are here.

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