Tag: audioreflections

  • Tune Up That Radio

    I listened to recordings of a radio talk show and select episodes of a podcast to understand the concepts behind audio storytelling. The linked excerpt from an episode of the TED Radio Hour was interesting in how it used background music and dialog to indicate at first how soothing a robotic baby seal helped comfort elderly in […]

  • Tragic Moon Crash Story

    Moon Graffiti is an entertaining audio story about what would have happened if the crew from Apollo 11 crash landed on the moon and could not return home. It was told in the perspective of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrich. The story also incorporated the narration of the actual “bad news” speech that was pre-prepared […]

  • What’s the Deal With Audio Storytelling?

    Audio has always been an important element in communication. Being able to hear the news whether on TV or radio is usually an important part of people’s days. Nowadays, listening to the radio is viewed as old fashioned, yet radio broadcasts still happen to this day. As for the storytelling part, I was not aware […]