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  • Week 5 Final Project Summary

    So my time in ds106 has come to an end. On the first day of this 5 week course when I reviewed the syllabus, I was daunted by how much work and creativity would be required. As a computer science major, I wasn’t sure I had the creativity and imagination needed for the class assignments. […]

  • The Story of “Last”

    Exciting news from Apocalyptechs at the 43rd RPGCon: a new action filled role-playing game will be released on all major gaming platforms in time for the winter holidays! This game follows the success of Apocalyptechs’ previous explosive hits. Read more about the game below! In the not-too-distant future, calamity has fallen upon the Earth. A […]

  • LAST Reflections and Tutorials


    I created the concept of LAST, which is a video game made by a fictional game company Apocalyptechs. I started by first imagining a world that suffers from an apocalyptic event, which forces humans to have to launch themselves into space. Except, one person was left behind. This person is the hero of our story, […]

  • Week 4 Summary

    Creating and editing videos was painstaking work. I had a lot of trouble working with both Movie Maker and the preinstalled video editor on my computer to make good videos. With just the free version of Movie Maker, I found that it was pretty limiting on what I could accomplish with it. Same goes for […]

  • Not Now Dad!


    Based off another popular meme that you may recognize. I was inspired by the link my professor provided as examples for this assignment: 5 second films. I knew I wanted to make something funny, and potentially spoof horror, and eventually after a lot of thought I decided to parody that popular meme. My sister was […]

  • Mario to the Rescue


    Mario was just taking a stroll that day, casually wondering where Yoshi was since Yoshi had not greeted him that morning. On his lovely walk, he ran into his brother Luigi and Toad who were chatting. Mario greeted him as he walked by. Mario kept walking until he finally spotted a giant green blob. He’s […]

  • Reading, but for Movies?

    The Ebert “How to Read a Movie” article was so packed with information, I had to re-read it several times to understand it. Honestly I feel like a lot of the film techniques went over my head, but I tried to understand exactly how reading a movie is important to appreciating how it was made. […]

  • Die Hard Analysis

    Die Hard is one of my favorite movies. It is an old 1988 movie, but it is still a great action thriller to watch to this day. I watched the PC Bomb Elevator scene from that movie to analyze the different filmmaking techniques used, such as the visuals and sounds. I based my observations of […]

  • Week 3 Summary

    Week three introduced audio techniques used for digital storytelling. I had never used audio editing software like Audacity to create new digital sound clips before much less using audio effectively to tell a story. So, this week was challenging and annoyingly fickle at times, and yet it was a great learning experience. I spent a […]