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  • Photo Safari – Gamestop Edition


    I completed my fifteen minute photo blitz at my local GameStop store! I looked at the list of photographs that I needed to take and selected a store where I thought it was small enough to navigate within the short time limit, but would have a great variety of shapes, colors, and images to photograph.…

  • To Be a Better Photographer

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    The tips in the eBook 20 WAYS TO MAKE BETTER PHOTOGRAPHS by David duChemin made me think about how to create better photos. I had fun trying out several of the suggestions, but my favorite photo (shown above) followed the tip to “Change My Perspective By Changing Yours.” Using this tip, I took pictures from…

  • Nightmare of NES™ and Lego™ Past


    I was super excited to build the new Lego™ kit that I received for my birthday – a model of the retro gaming console Nintendo Entertainment System™. I stayed up way too late to finish it in the wee hours of the morning. Proud of my accomplishment, I started to head to bed. Exhausted but…