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  • Week 5 Final Project Summary

    So my time in ds106 has come to an end. On the first day of this 5 week course when I reviewed the syllabus, I was daunted by how much work and creativity would be required. As a computer science major, I wasn’t sure I had the creativity and imagination needed for the class assignments. […]

  • Week 4 Summary

    Creating and editing videos was painstaking work. I had a lot of trouble working with both Movie Maker and the preinstalled video editor on my computer to make good videos. With just the free version of Movie Maker, I found that it was pretty limiting on what I could accomplish with it. Same goes for […]

  • Week 3 Summary

    Week three introduced audio techniques used for digital storytelling. I had never used audio editing software like Audacity to create new digital sound clips before much less using audio effectively to tell a story. So, this week was challenging and annoyingly fickle at times, and yet it was a great learning experience. I spent a […]

  • Week 2 Summary

    And boy, what a week it was. I learned more about what exactly design means in terms of visual mediums. I worked hard – maybe too hard – to complete all the assignments including watching and reading up on design and using the provided resources to create a “design blitz” and share my thoughts on […]

  • Week 1 Full Summary

    Wow, what a busy first week in Digital Storytelling. After the “boot camp” (the first part of week), the final week 1 assignments focused on visual design. I’m proud of the amount that I’ve learned and completed so far. Visual design isn’t my strong suit, but I pulled through and learned a lot in the […]