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  • The Story of “Last”

    Exciting news from Apocalyptechs at the 43rd RPGCon: a new action filled role-playing game will be released on all major gaming platforms in time for the winter holidays! This game follows the success of Apocalyptechs’ previous explosive hits. Read more about the game below! In the not-too-distant future, calamity has fallen upon the Earth. A […]

  • LAST Reflections and Tutorials


    I created the concept of LAST, which is a video game made by a fictional game company Apocalyptechs. I started by first imagining a world that suffers from an apocalyptic event, which forces humans to have to launch themselves into space. Except, one person was left behind. This person is the hero of our story, […]

  • Super Mood Maker 2


    It’s Super Do it Yourself The Video Game 2. An edit on the cover of the game Super Mario Maker 2. Posted there is a satirical message about how the developers leave creating their game to the players. Super Mario Maker 2 is the second game in the Super Mario Maker game series. Basically these […]

  • Warning: Do Not Go Alone


    This is a warning poster based on a famous line in the video game The Legend of Zelda for the NES. As you can see, you should not go alone unless you have a sword. Very important to keep in mind. My inspiration for this was based on my love for video games, including The […]

  • Pixel by Pixel: Now in 8-Bit


    So you might be wondering why there are so many of the same picture back to back like this. Don’t worry, I’ll explain. The picture you see is a creation of mine. The character portrayed is one of my favorite characters from the Super Mario Bros video game series, Yoshi. Yoshi is a dinosaur that […]

  • Photo Safari – Gamestop Edition


    I completed my fifteen minute photo blitz at my local GameStop store! I looked at the list of photographs that I needed to take and selected a store where I thought it was small enough to navigate within the short time limit, but would have a great variety of shapes, colors, and images to photograph. […]

  • To Be a Better Photographer

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    The tips in the eBook 20 WAYS TO MAKE BETTER PHOTOGRAPHS by David duChemin made me think about how to create better photos. I had fun trying out several of the suggestions, but my favorite photo (shown above) followed the tip to “Change My Perspective By Changing Yours.” Using this tip, I took pictures from […]

  • Nightmare of NES™ and Lego™ Past


    I was super excited to build the new Lego™ kit that I received for my birthday – a model of the retro gaming console Nintendo Entertainment System™. I stayed up way too late to finish it in the wee hours of the morning. Proud of my accomplishment, I started to head to bed. Exhausted but […]