Teal Tale #1

Just above is a quick overview of who I am essentially. Go ahead and listen to my ramblings.

A lot of computer science majors I know are also video gamers, and I am not excluded from that list. My favorite video gaming platform are generally Nintendo consoles, but I also have other gaming systems. I show my Animal Crossing game character and a little of the house in the video below.


The image above is listed on my Flickr, which is of a Lego set that I built a while back. The Lego set in question is based on an old video console and an old TV to go along with it. That set is a really well detailed one and I recommend looking into it. It has a few moving parts that makes it feel like you are actually playing the game.

Overall, I am excited to participate in this ds106 course and look forward to fun times ahead.

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